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Accu-Tac SR5: The New Wave of Stability

Bipods have become a vital piece of every precision build whether for PRS matches, target shooting, and hunting. The world of bipods has been quite limited, however. The old monopolies in the bipod industry are beginning to be challenged by young companies with solid products. The advancement of bipods was mostly focused around price point which meant they often lacked important features that were important for long range and precision shooting. As the world of long range has begun pushing further, farther, and faster, many bipods are becoming antiquated. Enter the Accu-Tac SR-5.

The Accu-Tac SR-5 is made from billet aluminum which is structurally very strong and precise. Every piece is finished with a flat black hard anodize finish. These two characteristics along with quality assembly have come together to offer an extraordinary product. One of the most important qualities of the SR-5 is the fact that it offers one of the widest base stances in the industry at 11” at its minimum and 13” fully extended. You would be hard pressed to find another bipod that spreads the weight of the gun wider than the SR-5. Is this really that important? Some would say no, but there is something to be said for those who might say yes. The bipod itself meshes with a rear bag much easier than most bipods because the center of gravity is lower due to the extended width. Dropping the center of gravity centralizes weight in a manner that distributes the weight of the gun more towards the rear of the system. Nothing is more difficult for long range shooting than seeing your reticle dance and wobble around your target because your bipod isn’t stabilized or it doesn’t mesh with your rear bag in a way that provides stability. With the SR-5, a solid foundation is far more achievable and repeatable.

Foundation is everything when shooting long range. And foundation begins long before a shooter begins the fundamental process. Rigidity and stability begin with internal ballistics and that is what the SR-5 does extremely well. Whether a Quick Detach mount or the hex nut, this bipod doesn’t just become an add-on, rather an extension of the system. From the feet, the legs, to the swivel and the mount itself, the SR-5 is nothing but solid and rigid. Even though the legs swing a full 180 degrees, there is no looseness or play when they are set in any position. This goes back to the dancing reticle. If the gun is setup with a stable foundation the results down range will be limited. As we push our firearms to longer and longer ranges, it comes down to how well our system minimizes deviation. Whether that is from fundamentals, inconsistencies in ammunition, optical error, poor data input into our ballistic applications, etc.; the list of things that can go wrong can go on for pages. Minimizing rigidity error while connecting the rifle to whatever it sits on is a very important factor.

Another factor that the SR-5 accounts for in long range shooting is the ability to level the firearm and optic. This isn’t all that important under 300 yards as the error is very small; however, when we look out to the maximum effective ranges of our firearms, this is a major factor. Basically, the more elevation we use to shoot longer ranges, the more leveling the optic with the fall of gravity is important. For example, if your scope is canted 3 degrees which is just barely noticeable to the human eye, an 800-yard shot with a .308 caliber rifle will miss by 3 feet. Now the issue with this becomes knowing what exactly the error was from. If you don’t know your optic was level when you took the shot, it is likely to be marked down as a windage error. Imagine if you shot again but your scope was perfectly level and this time you adjusted for what you thought was wind, what happens? You likely dialed your POI 3 feet to the right which then puts you 3 feet to the right of the target now. You have essentially wasted two rounds from a simple error. The SR-5 combined with a well setup bubble level can be the difference between a first-round hit and a miss. The SR-5’s swivel has a torque knob underneath that can increase the pressure on the swivel itself. The friction on the swivel is one of the reasons the SR-5 builds such a rigid position for the entire system. It also makes leveling the rifle a very simple task. Once you’ve tracked the gun on target, it is remarkably easy to rotate the gun to level and have it stay in place with the use of the friction knob. And it’s adjustable so you can keep it at the tension you prefer. If by chance the large allen screw that makes up the swivel itself loosens up, the user can easily tighten it. It’s a simple enough system for beginner, yet adaptable enough for advanced shooters.

The strength of the SR-5 bipod is the speed at which it can be adapted to fit the needs of the shooter. It is remarkably easy to pull the legs out to rotate them into position. The legs work on a spring system that pulls them into a non-moving toothed cam. This allows the shooter to put each leg of the bipod in a specific place including 45 degrees forward and backward. The extension of the legs is also very easy. Simply pull the feet out and they lock into whatever position you stop. Speed must have been a priority in the AccuTac shop when they designed this as the extensions are spring-loaded as

well. However, it is not a spring-loaded extension, but a spring-loaded retraction. This allows the shooter to dexterously apply extension just how they need it, then quickly retract the feet by pushing on the spring’s lever. The tactile feel of the bipod is the same for each leg rather than having to push a button on each side to unlock the legs. Being the same motion, shooters can deploy and then displace extremely fast with minimal training time.

All in all, the AccuTac SR-5 offers plenty of effective characteristics to long range shooting. The sturdiness and tight tolerances from AccuTac delivers a wide, stable platform to mount a rifle on. The SR-5’s ability to level the optic to the fall of gravity has become vital in modern long-range shooting. These characteristics are important; however, the SR-5 has formed them into a very efficient package. A speed focused mindset that AccuTac exposes is fully delivered in the SR-5. Functioning the bipod itself allows for fast setup and therefore quicker, more effective engagements. This bipod delivers. Period. It supports fundamentals rather than fight against them. The fundamentals are the absolute basics, the principles of which are important to provide good equipment. After all, long-range shooting is highly determined by the equipment used. The AccuTac SR-5 is an integral piece of a system that is defined by precision because it is the epitome of precision.

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