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Titan 9mm Ammunition | Great Bang, Less Buck

Over the years I've spent pulling triggers, one thing has remained the same - ammunition prices are ever changing. It's a bit of an ironic statement but ammo prices climb and fall just like gas prices. Some shooters out there - perhaps you're one of them - are on a mission, a hunt to find the best prices, be it per round, per box, etc. I am not one of these people. You may be wondering where this is going now that I've admitted to not being on a quest for the lowest possible ammunition price. Well, although I'm not a price-hunting hobbyist, I do like to save money, especially when it can be done with no loss of quality. Cruising the Internet one afternoon led me to Titan Ammunition...and this is how the story begins.

Titan Ammunition is a factory reloading company that offers competitive prices, but we'll

get there in a minute. Honestly, I was not intentionally looking for a remanufactured ammo company but I credit my find at Titan to the rabbit hole of the World Wide Web. Titan Ammunition uses once fired brass casings and currently offers ammo in 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, and .223. I found myself in need of 9mm and .223, and after reading through their site, decided to give it a shot (bad pun intended). I, myself, am do not reload my own ammunition, but I have several friends and colleagues that do. They have taught me a bit about the process and explained a few 'quality control' issues that can arise; some of these being the quality of the individual components and their effect on the round's consistency and reliability. After my first trip to the range with the Titan 9mm, I noticed that my gun was still very clean in comparison to some of the factory brands I've used. Also, I had yet to encounter any malfunctions. This range trip prompted me to investigate the ammo a bit more, and see if this was generic reloaded ammo quality, or if Titan Ammunition was on to something. After researching the components Titan uses (listed on their website), I found them all to be respected and desired in the reloading community. Good, so far we have a high quality bullet that runs clean and doesn't malfunction, at a competitive price...just what I need! Over the next few range trips I decided to bring a variety of 9mm handguns along to cycle test the Titan ammo and see if I could find a gun that it wouldn't cycle in 100% of the time. You could either say the quest for a malfunction was a failure, or simply the Titan Ammunition made a mockery of any doubts I had. We ran the 115 grain FMJ 9mms through two Springfields, three Sigs, two Glocks, and an HK without any hesitation or hint of failure. This ammo works! Blazing the trigger in an attempt to jam the guns up under very fast cycle rates was a laughing matter to the mighty Titan rounds. At this point I started realizing that the Titan ammo was at least on par, if not better, than some of the factory brands available.

Breaking down the cost, it's not the cheapest reloaded ammo you can find, but Titan Ammunition also isn't cheap in performance. The 115 grain 9mm ammo sells for $12.53/50 rounds, up to $244/1,000 rounds. I'm sure some of you are scratching your heads by now about the price, especially factoring in shipping costs. If you live near the Titan Ammunition shop - Sparks, NV - you can stop in and pick up the ammo, saving a potentially good chunk of money. Even factoring in shipping expenses, Titan can still keep you at the cost of buying from a store - depending on your area. I personally feel that paying equal, or even a few dollars more, for a great performing bullet is worth the money. You get what you pay for. In my experience with Titan Ammunition so far, as I mentioned before, I have not witnessed any issues or malfunctions yet. Furthermore, the only feedback I've heard from other shooters who follow my videos, is that they have had the same, outstanding experience with Titan Ammunition. Combining both my results, and the enthusiastic testimony of others, I feel that Titan's price point is spot on. Please understand that I'm not claiming or implying that I've seen/experienced thousands of issues with "insert ammo company name" bullets, but I have seen them a lot over the years I've been shooting. That's not to say that Titan Ammunition will never have a bullet that malfunctions, realistically any ammo could. However, comparing Titan to, say, Federal, Winchester, Blazer, etc., they are a much smaller company and, I believe, able to pay better attention to details and quality control. Their product reflects that theory brilliantly! To close this article up, go buy a box or two of Titan Ammunition and see for yourself. If you aren't in a niche arena of shooting, such as needing super-light loads for competition, and a factory pressure, cost-effective round can help you out, you won't be disappointed! By the time you read this article we will have begun filming our test/review of Titan's .223 ammo as well, so stay tuned for more! Go give Titan Ammunition a shot! ...we never quit! Web Links: YouTube Review 115 Grain 9mm Ammo Review | Titan Ammunition - Tactiholics™

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