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Pitbull Tactical Bloodline Holster | The Last Holster You'll Ever Buy

Whether you're carrying inside or outside the waistband, as an armed professional or concealed carry civilian, finding a good holster is a must. In my opinion, a good holster is nearly as important as finding a good firearm to carry. After spending months with the Pitbull Tactical Bloodline and Bloodline Nocturnal holsters, in countless positions on my person, I have come to the decision that this is a great holster...and here's why. First off, I'll explain the difference between the Bloodline and the Bloodline Nocturnal holsters, which is simply the fact that the Bloodline Nocturnal holster accommodates a weapon mounted light and the standard Bloodline does not. Other than this, the holsters are identical in every way - hardware, versatility, and design. Both my Bloodline, and Nocturnal, are made for Sig P226 TacOps and hold the weapon securely in place by a tight friction fit around the trigger guard area. I'll say now that these holsters are a "level one", or friction-retention, design only and do not off any additional buttons or straps so for the armed professionals reading this, your department/employer may not allow these for on-duty use. If your agency does allow this level of retention, or you are carrying as a civilian, the Bloodline holsters do an outstanding job of securing the weapon in place through a variety of movements and positions. Another point worth mentioning is that I can also use my Pitbull Tactical holsters to carry my P229 (compact) with no issues, as the weapon is secured into the holster by the trigger guard area. This gives me the ability to carry a full sized gun outside the waistband (or inside) for work or training purposes, yet carry the compact gun (primarily IWB) for concealed carry on my personal time, with the only change being some extra room inside the holster as the compact gun's muzzle does not reach the bottom of the kydex. This will also work for, say, Glock 17/19, M&P full size/compact, and other options. So if you have two different frame sizes of the same firearm, in most cases you will not need separate holsters. Furthering the extreme versatility, the Bloodline series holsters can be configured "100 different ways" according to the Pitbull Tactical crew. I did not count every setup to confirm this exact number, but with the included hardware from Pitbull Tactical, it is the most versatile holster I've found yet. When you purchase a Bloodline holster you will get a set of belt loops, kydex wings, and kydex "J-hook" IWB straps. Each of these pieces, along with the holster itself, have a number of different adjustment holes that allow the user to adjust ride height, cant, IWB/OWB, etc. Having the ability to move and cant the holster in so many ways, and to such extreme degrees, allow the Bloodline to be set up ideally for any purpose you may have. Pitbull Tactical's website also allows you to choose the cant of the gun in the kydex holster itself, which could give you even more extreme angles if desired. They also offer different sweat guard sizes to customize the holster further, which is helpful when appealing to different body shapes. To more fully understand and witness the full adjustability, check out the video link below where we show a several holster positions as well as draw strokes from them.

Both my Bloodline and Nocturnal holsters are 0° cant and fighting (mid) height sweat guard. I chose the 0° cant because I prefer my weapon vertical on my side and I still have the ability to angle the holster by moving the hardware should the need arise. As for the sweat guard, I chose the "fighting cut" as it offers decent coverage of the slide against my skin, yet is less intrusive when moving around, sitting, etc., especially when wearing the holster inside the waistband. This setup would be my recommendation personally but certain buyers will appreciate the different options, I'm sure. Moving on to the first thing I noticed when I stumbled onto Pitbull Tactical's website...the look of the holsters. Not only do they look awesome (I don't know how else to say it), but also the fit and finish is immaculate! Looking at the style of the Bloodline, it is very edgy and angled; far different from your average rectangle kydex holster. This design serves a multifaceted purpose - to set the holster apart visually from other brands while maintaining the strength and integrity needed to withstand punishment. The Bloodline is made up of two pieces of kydex yet when examining it - even closely – it looks like one. The seams are immaculate and the edges are smoothly rounded reducing the chance of snagging or catching the holster on things in the environment. Furthering the incredible detail, the inside of the holster has impressions from every piece of the slide - cocking serrations, texturing of the slide release/decocker, etc. To sum up the finish of the holster, it is perfect. After carrying the Pitbull Tactical Bloodline holsters IWB and OWB for a few months now I can honestly say that I appreciate and enjoy them more and more as time goes on. They have maintained their retention throughout countless unholstering/reholstering of my weapon. They carry the gun close to the hip when setup for OWB - reducing fatigue of carrying an all-metal framed gun with 21 rounds of 9mm, and comfortably meet my many needs. I lead an active lifestyle and finding a holster that allows me to carry my weapon comfortably everywhere I go can be a challenge...Pitbull Tactical has defeated that challenge. If you are in the market for a high quality kydex holster that is worth every penny, call Rich at Pitbull Tactical and get set up with the last holster you'll ever have to buy. All Pitbull Tactical holsters are 100% made in the USA, and are handcrafted to perfection before they ship to you. Also, on an inside note, Rich has enlightened me to some interesting things coming up from his shop so I'd encourage you to check them out on Facebook and their website. Pitbull Tactical...stay in the fight! ...we never quit!

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